technology illustration using a photograph and drawn elements to symbolize human biometrics

Creator Spotlight: 12 Free Stock Images & Illustrations by Jack Moreh

Have you heard of Jack Moreh? He is a StockVault creator with over 2,800 images in his online portfolio. So, chances are, even if you haven’t heard of Jack Moreh, you’ve seen his free stock images or illustrations. After all, Jack’s photographs and vector illustrations have over 5,630,000 views to date and more than 1,045,000 downloads!

StockVault is incredibly proud to have creators, like Jack, as valuable contributors to our growing community. So, in this post, we’ve curated a list of 12 images and illustrations by Jack Moreh.

1. Illustration of a Jellyfish Underwater

image of jellyfish underwater surrounded by air bubbles

Are you looking for an awe-inspiring image? Well, look no further than this free stock photo of a jellyfish in a vivid, blue underwater scene, surrounded by air bubbles.

2. Abstract Gradient Splashes Illustration

illustrative background with abstract gradient splashes and colorful circles

Have you been searching for a colorful background to make your creative project stand out? Stop your search and download this free stock illustration, with abstract gradient splashes and circles – your project is sure to be a show-stopper.

3. Blue & Green Bokeh Stock Illustration

dark blue background with blue and green bokeh circles

Do you need a background bubbling with bokeh? Well, this free stock background, with blue and green circles, might come in handy.

4. Conceptual Illustration of a Figure Falling

illustration of a black figure falling into a red trap door

Do you need to convey the feeling of being trapped? Do you need content to raise awareness about mental health? If so, this free stock illustration, of a black figure falling into a red trap door, can help you do just that.

5. Image Conveying a Cry for Help

and silhouettes on glass symbolizing a cry for help

Do you need help creating a social media post for a local nonprofit organization? Download this free stock image, of silhouetted hands on a glass panel, right now.

6. Image of a Teen that is Feeling Blue

image of teen with dark clouds over their head

Are you on the hunt for a poignant photograph to talk about the importance of mental health? This free stock photo, which symbolizes the feeling of sadness and shows clouds gathering over a teen’s head, is perfect for your project.

7.  Conceptual Illustration of Artificial Intelligence

illustration concept of artificial intelligence

Working in artificial intelligence or simply love the look of AI-themed illustrations? Either way, this free stock illustration of an artificial intelligence concept can come in handy.

8. Human Biometrics Image

technology illustration using a photograph and drawn elements to symbolize human biometrics

If you’re discussing the technological possibilities of human biometrics, then you need to download this free stock image, right away.

9. Creativity Industry Illustration

abstract illustration with technology and devices

Have you been looking for an abstract illustration that represents the vast creative industry? Look no further than this free stock illustration, with lightbulbs and electronic devices.

10. Perception Conceptual Illustration

illustration that symbolizes human perception and thinking

Life is all about perception. If you need an image that represents that sentiment, then this free illustration of a head with an inner voice might come in handy.

11. Analytical Illustration

illustration of analytical functions

Are right or left-brained? No matter how you’re brain functions, or which side you use to when thinking, you’ll need brain-centric content, from time to time. So, download this free illustration of an analysis concept, symbolized by a cloud-shaped brain halves with icons.

12. Machine Learning Illustration

machine learning illustration showing a brain on a computer screen

Are you fascinated by machine learning? We are too! This is why recommend that you download this free stock illustration, of a brain on a computer screen, today.