Fresh Examples of Pixel Perfect iOS Icons

Fresh off their lawsuit victory over Samsung, Apple is continuing to see their market influence grow and the number of applications flooding the app store is incredible, with applications for every purpose, feature and concept imaginable.

The one type of design that makes iOS applications interesting is the icon design. The icon sizing and types allow for a large amount of detail to be present, while still requiring the ability to be sized down in some scenarios.

So, many icon designers are pushing the boundaries of icon design, and here are some of the fresh and creative examples:

Few iOS Icons by Mikhail Nagily

Golden Key by shoomov

Food App Icons by Ryan Ford

Statistics App by Northwood

Generic iOS Book Icon by Ruso de Jota

Pack Paper Note Icons by Bruno Rodrigues

Schoolit iPhone by Ivan Klimenko

Tent RV by Northwood

Vendetta by Dmitriy Zaborskih

Calendar Icons by Kyle Fan