educational vector illustration pattern with school supplies

Educational Resources: 10 Free Stock Illustrations for Learning Environments

Are you a teacher, specializing in primary,  secondary, or special education? Or, perhaps, you are a college professor? Job titles aside, if you work in the educational services sector; you might be on the hunt for innovative ways to instruct your students. After all, the global shift to virtual and hybrid learning has surely altered some of your lesson plans.

So, are you searching for supplemental materials to share in an in-person or virtual classroom? If you are, StockVault is a resource that you can rely on!  From presentation-worthy stock illustrations of school teachers to vectors, that can help you facilitate discussion around computer programming; StockVault has everything you need to enhance your next lesson plan.

If you are ready to wow your students, download these 10, totally free, stock illustrations, today!

1. Illustration of a Programmer at a Desk with Programming Languages

illustration of a programmer at a desk surrounded by HTML5 markup and CSS, JAVA, C++ and PHP programming languages. 

If you have ever taught a computer science or information technology course, then you know the value of finding high-quality stock illustrations, that depict the concepts in your lesson plan.

Are you looking for a  tech-centric illustration to supplement your lesson on computer programming, for instance?  If so, download this free stock illustration, of a programmer at a desk surrounded by HTML5 markup and CSS, JAVA, C++, and PHP programming languages.

2. Illustration of a Graduation Cap & Learning Materials

illustration of e-learning materials with a computer, globe and graduation cap

Are you looking to inspire the next generation of scholars? If you need help reminding students, that “knowledge is power,” consider using an image to influence them! This free stock illustration, of a graduation cap surrounded by e-learning materials, might motivate them to keep their eyes on the prize.

3. Online Library Illustration

illustration of four children hovering over a map and books; symbolizing an online library or resource for education

Is your school in the process of creating an online library? Or, do you already have educational resources for your students to access online? Either way, you might find a use for this free vector illustration, of children and books.

4. Online Education Vector Illustration

illustration symbolizing online education and featuring a drawing of a woman on a computer screen against a purple background

Do you teach online classes? Have you ever taken an e-course, for yourself? Whether you’re a teacher or a student, in the virtual learning environment, you may need some fresh content. If this is the case and you’ve found yourself searching for free stock; look no further than online education vector illustration.

5. Abstract Math Illustration

math illustration featuring three heads and mathematical symbols.

Math can be a difficult subject to comprehend. Furthermore, finding free stock images about the study of math can prove to be quite the challenge as well. But, don’t fret. StockVault has tons of images you can use; like this abstract illustration, of people learning mathematical concepts.

6. Questions and Doubts Illustration

illustration of questions and doubts

Do you want to encourage your students to ask more questions? Consider using images to prompt Q&A sessions at the end of class. Need one to get started? Download this free illustration, of an open mind with question marks, to dispel doubts and encourage an engaging learning environment.

7. Colorful School Vector Pattern

vector pattern with school supplies

Are you looking for a fun way to brighten up your classroom or inspire creative projects? Download free stock –  like this vector pattern featuring school supplies.

8. School Teacher Illustration

vector illustration of a school teacher writing on a whiteboard

Are you a school teacher? Are you crafting an email to send to parents or students about upcoming projects? Download this free stock illustration, of a school teacher writing on a whiteboard; and get your message out there, today!

9. Illustration of Child Learning Online

illustration of a child learning online with copy space

Do you need to make a school-wide announcement that virtual learning is back on? Email your entire student body population and their parents to let them know what’s going on at your school. Not sure which image is best? Try this free vector illustration, a child learning online – it has plenty of copy space to add your announcement or whatever else you’d like.

10. Graduation Ceremony Vector Illustration

graduation illustration featuring a student in a black graduation robe and red hijab

The goal of most educational programs is, for students, to graduate! Are you looking for ways to help your students maintain their momentum as they trek through their final projects? Try using imagery to encourage them to keep going. This free stock vector illustration, of a female graduate wearing a red hijab, might just be the motivation they need.