15 Free Food & Beverage Illustrations for Business Owners

Do you own a restaurant, bakery, grocery store or other food service business? You’ll love this  list of food vectors!  Whether you need to enhance your social media marketing or make adjustments to your menus, these 15 free food and beverage vectors will help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Coffee To-Go Illustration

illustration shows a hand holding a mobile phone that has a picture of a coffee cup and beans on it.

If your business brews coffee beans, this illustration of a coffee cup on a mobile phone, by Stuart Miles, could be used to tell your customers about new blends or encourage them to sign up for your mobile rewards program.

2. Online Pizza Order Illustration

illustration of an online pizza order symbolized by pizza delivery man handing pizza to a customer through a computer screen.

Does your pizza place serve and deliver delicious slices?  Download this illustration, of pizza being delivered through a computer screen, by Mohamed Hassan.

3. Mexican Food Icons

flat-style vector icons of food from Mexico

If your restaurant serves Mexican food dishes – these vector food icons, by Sara, can help you enhance menus or coupons.

4. Sweet Drinks Vector Illustration

illustration of three drinks in colorful cups and topped with whip cream.

Serving up sweet treats? Download this vector illustration of three decadent drinks topped with whipped cream, by Sara.

5. Japanese Food Illustration

illustration about eating sushi that shows chopsticks holding a maki sushi roll and soy sauce sitting on the table

Attract new customers to your sushi restaurant with this fun vector graphic, by Sara, that shows a maki sushi roll being picked up by a pair of chopsticks.

6. Healthy Eating Background

green background about healthy eating with kitchen utensils and vegetables around the border

If your restaurant has healthy cuisine, make it known!  Download this green background, with cooking utensils and vegetables, by Jack Moreh, and use it to make announcements on your restaurant’s social media or internal reminders for your team.

7. Fried Egg Illustration

illustration of a fried egg against a white background

Serve sunny-side-up goodness with this fried egg illustration by Ronny Overhate. This simple, but detailed vector of an egg can be used to make memes for your business’ instagram page or printed on your menus – the possibilities are endless.

8. Cartwheel Donut Vector

Own a bakery or donut shop? Turn your marketing upside down with this fun illustration of a donut doing a cartwheel, by Julien Tromeur

9. Hamburger Vector

illustration of a waiter pointing to a hamburger

Serving gourmet burgers? Let your customers know what’s on the menu with this fun vector illustration of a server suggesting a hamburger meal, by Mohamed Hassan.

10. Colorful Vegetable Icons

If you’re looking for healthy food icons to create something that suits your brand, look no further than this set of vectors by Sara. You’re sure to find something useful in this pack of 12 colorful vegetable icons – that feature eggplant, peppers, lettuce, mushroom, potato, asparagus, avocado and more!

11. Coffee and Donuts Illustration

a plate of chocolate donuts sits on a table next to a coffee and newspaper

Opening up a new coffee spot in town? Invite the locals to have a sip when you use this illustration of coffee, donuts and a newspaper, by Mohamed Hassan.

12. Simple Pie Icon

outline of a pie with steam rising against a yellow background

No matter what type of pie your diner or bakery serves, you could probably put this outlined pie icon, by Mohamed Hassan, to good use. 

13. Strawberry Juice Illustration

three glasses of strawberry juice with a sign of strawberry tapped on a wood background.

Need an illustration to advertise your freshly-pressed juices? Whether you own a raw juice bar or have a seasonal smoothie stand; this illustration of strawberry juice, by Mohamed Hassan, can come in handy.

14. Stylized Sardines Background

Serving seafood? This stylized illustration of sardines on rough water, by Jack Moreh, can be used for a number of projects – add text to it for restaurant announcements or print it out as place cards for your tables.

15. Illustration of a Person Eating Fast Food

Need a simple but effective graphic for your burger joint? Show a meal in action with this illustration of a person eating in a fast food restaurant, by Sara.