birthday-themed doodled pattern with cake, balloons, presents, party hats and banners.

30 Free Stock Images to Say Happy Birthday

It is estimated that roughly 385,000 babies are born each day – that’s nearly 140 million humans added to the global population annually! With billions of humans already occupying the planet and millions more being added each year, there is no shortage of folks to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to.  

Wondering how to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to the humans you know? Find the perfect way to celebrate your family, friends, and coworkers with this list of 30 free stock birthday images.

1. Kids Birthday Pattern

birthday-themed doodled pattern with cake, balloons, presents, party hats and banners.

If you’re celebrating a child’s birthday, download this doodled pattern, by Sara, that features illustrations of cake, flowers, balloons, presents, and party hats. This fun vector can be used to make a celebratory card or as wrapping paper for a gift.

2. Happy Birthday Background with Polaroid

pink birthday background with blank polaroid, assorted candy, and colorful letters that spell out happy birthday

Celebrate your loved ones by adding their portrait to this vibrant, pink birthday background, by Noman Safder, which features a candy border and blank polaroid.

3. Happy Birthday Text

white happy birthday text in cursive script font on red background

Keep your well-wishes simple with happy birthday typography by Chekokiart.

4. Pig Holding Birthday Cake

illustration of a pink pig holding a three-layer chocolate cake with colorful candles

Looking for a fun way to wish someone a happy birthday? Look no further than this illustration of a pig running while holding a layered chocolate cake with candles, by Julien Tromeur.

5. Birthday Glasses

white novelty glasses with colorful birthday balloons on the top rim.

Make your loved one feel seen when you download this image of birthday glasses with colorful balloons, by Diana.

6. Birthday Cake Clipart

clipart graphic of a brown birthday cake with green icing and colorful candles against a white background

Get creative with birthday cards by adding clipart, like this birthday cake illustration with lit candles, by Chakomajaw.

7. Illustration of a Hand Holding a Gift Box

encircled vector illustration of a hand holding a white gift box set against a blue background

Does your company celebrate employee birthdays? Remind everyone to add their special day to the company calendar with this graphic illustration, of a hand holding a gift box, by Mohamed Hassan.

8. Birthday Spotlight

graphic that shows four spotlights illuminating a gold sign that says “birthday”

Give someone a shoutout with this celebratory graphic, that shows four spotlights illuminating the word birthday, by Stuart Miles.

9.  Four Birthday Candles

set of four colored birthday candles in green, blue, red and yellow isolated on a white background

Keep the festivities going with this simple image of a set of colorful birthday candles, by 2Happy.

10. Gift Box with Flying Balloons

drawing of two colorful balloons flying from a fuschia pink gift box set against a lime green background with star pattern and bubbles.

Make the birthday person, in your life, explode with joy by sharing this colorful vector illustration, of two balloons flying from a pink gift box with a star pattern, by Maa Illustrations.

11. Fifth Birthday Cupcake

3D rendering of number five candle sitting atop a chocolate cupcake with sprinkles and toothpick toppers in the shape of stars.

Celebrate a child’s 5th birthday when you share this colorful 3D rendering, of a chocolate cupcake topped with sprinkles, star-shaped toothpick toppers, and a lime green number 5 candle, by Stuart Miles.

12. Piece of Cake

illustration of three people eating a giant slice of cake topped with a blue French macaroon

Throwing a surprise birthday bash? Use Jack Moreh’s illustration, of three people sharing a giant slice of cake, to send a sleuth invitation to the party guests. 

13. Pink Polygonal Cupcake

illustration of a polygonal cupcake with pink icing set against a black background.

Does the birthday person, in your life, love the color pink? If so, share sweet sentiments when you send them this pink polygonal cupcake graphic, by Helen.

14. Happy Birthday on Laptop Screen

illustration of black laptop with pink edges shows “happy birthday” on the screen in colorful letters

Give your virtual friend a birthday greeting – share this graphic of a laptop with “happy birthday” on screen, by Stuart Miles.

15. Fresh Berry Cake

woman in a red dress holds a cake with white icing and fresh blueberries and cherries.

Baking something delicious for someone’s birthday? Give them a preview with this photograph, of a woman holding a fresh berry cake, by Oksana Zahray.

16. Green Balloon

a shiny green balloon rest against a pink and white gradient background

If you need a birthday image with lots of copy space, download this photo of a green balloon against a pink wall by 2Happy.

17. Chocolate Cupcakes

six chocolate cupcakes topped with colorful sprinkles sit on a platter

Sprinkle on the birthday fun with this image of chocolate cupcakes topped with colorful sprinkles. 

18. Purple and Green Garland Vector

vector illustration set of garlands in purple and green

Let your creativity shine through when you use these purple and green garden illustrations, by Sara, which are perfect for designing birthday cards and banners.

19. Bunch of Balloons

3D rendering of eight balloons in an assortment of colors set against a white background

Nothing says birthdays quite like balloons! Announce your birthday plans with this 3D rendering, of a bunch of balloons, by Stuart Miles.

20. Small Pink Cupcake

photograph of a small pink cupcake with fondant flower set against a white background

Use a simple image to say happy birthday; like this photograph of a small pink cupcake with fondant flower, by Merelize.

21. Happy 7th Birthday

sign that says “Happy 7th Birthday” with a colorful assortment of balloons and confetti

Celebrate the 7-year old in your life with this explosive birthday graphic, by Stuart Miles, that says “Happy 7th Birthday” and features a colorful balloon and confetti border.

22. 3D Happy Birthday Text

3D rendering of white happy birthday text on a blue banner set against a black background

Need a birthday graphic for someone who loves blue? Download this 3D rendering, that says ‘happy birthday in blocky white letters on a navy blue banner, by Katrena Patterson.

23. Birthday Border Designs

set of 3 illustrated border designs featuring birthday graphics, flowers and colorful hands

Design your card or banner with this set of birthday-themed page border designs by Prawny.

24. Background with Pink and White Balloons

background with light pink, dark pink and white balloons.

If the birthday person is passionate about pink make them a card using this background, with pink and white balloons, by Ivan.

25. Nature-Themed Birthday Card

happy birthday card with illustration of a frog leaping near a well and surrounded by flowers

Help your loved one leap to a new chapter in their life with this fun birthday card of a frog leaping near a well. 

26. Slice of Berry Cake

a slice of layered cake sits on a doily topped with fresh berries

Layer on the love when you share this image of a slice of berry cake, by Oksana Zahray.

27. March Birthday Surprise

man in a blue shirt surprises a woman in a red dress with a gift

Planning something special in March? Catch your loved ones off guard with this graphic of a man surprising a woman with a present, by Mohamed Hassan.

28. Birthday Clown

happy birthday illustration that features a clown with colorful hair surrounded by colorful balloons, presents, and cake.

Show your enthusiasm with this fun birthday illustration of a clown and balloons. This vibrant vector is perfect for birthday cards and banners that celebrate children or those with child-like spirits.

29. Happy Birthday Abstraction

abstract floral illustration with the words happy birthday written in cursive font

Send your birthday wishes in an artsy way with this abstract floral illustration by Bilal Aslam.

30. Panoramic View of Blue Birthday Candles

blue birthday candles stand from tallest to shortest while being lit by a match

Birthdays are markers of time. Celebrate your loved ones’ birthdays or your own with this symbolic image, of blue candles being lit by a match, by 2Happy.