New Site Feature - Image Collections

New Site Feature – Image Collections

I’m happy to announce that we just rolled out Image Collections. It’s a really nifty feature that allows users to create and curate collections of images from our free gallery of over 134.000 stock photos. Image Collections can be made private as well, which comes in handy if you are collecting images for a project that you need to revisit later on.

Stockvault Image Collections

What is an Image Collection?

You can describe it as a mini gallery that consists of images selected, and organized by the collection creator. The main purpose of image collections is to allow people to collect images specific to a subject, whatever it may be. It also gives other people the chance to explore, be inspired by, and get fresh ideas on what images can be used for certain keywords or themes.

Collections can also be used privately to collect images that fit a certain project or an article you are working on. Just save your favorite images in a private collection and you can always find them later when you need them.

How can I create a Collection?

Add to CollectionCreating collections requires you to be logged in to our system. You can sign up for free here. A “Collect” button will be visible on all thumbnails and download pages. Just click the button to create a new collection, or add the image to one of your previous collections with a simple click.

On your account page we have added a new option of viewing all your created collections. From there you can edit your collections, remove images from them, or delete them entirely.

Can I use images from Collections for my projects?

Yes, all images in the collections are free to use. Just follow the license information for each image. We have a great selection of commercial and public domain images that you can find by using the filters in the category and search results pages.

Head on over to the Collections page and check out our current collections. Feel free to create your own and share with us your favorite free images!