Stockvault Appreciation Program

Photographer Appreciation Program

A new way of making some extra money from your free photos with

Stockvault Appreciation ProgramSubmitting photos is a lot of work, and we think that photographers that actively submit photos to stockvault should have the opportunity to enjoy it when guests want to show their appreciation. Therefor we have created the Stockvault Photographer Appreciation Program.

This program allows contributors to accept donations via the site, through our pre-made interface and support buttons integrated with and

How does it work?

When ever a guest sees a photograph that he wants to donate for (and the contributor has activated this program), a donation window will popup with your details filled in. The guest can then select if he wants to donate $4.99 (coffee) or $9.99 (beer) with Paypal, or support you with Flattr.

Donate Pop-up

How do I activate it?

If you have more than 25 photos uploaded, and approved on the site, the program will activate itself and allow you to add your Paypal and/or Flattr details.

What happened to the old Revenue Sharing Program?

The old Adsense revenue sharing program did not perform well and the quality of the ads was not always up to pair.
We are confident that this will outperform our old Google Adsense revenue sharing program for contributors.