When to fire your client

You're Fired!“A very wise designer once told me that his best advertising is a successful project. If you’re being asked to make changes that degrade the quality of your work then you may be better off looking for clients that will improve your portfolio.”

I’m pretty sure a lot of you that visit work as freelancers, full time, or just from time to time. That’s why I decided to feature this short article written by – It’s basically a problem (if you can call it that) that most of us freelancers have to face at one point or another. I used to work as a full time freelancer a few years back, and I can agree with most of the points the author makes. I’ve had to “fire” clients as well, and I always had a tough time doing it. Usually it was after I got sick with the way they went around things, or simply, I didn’t get paid!

So, this is a very good read that gives you a little insight into how you can both raise red flags, and react when facing  such a client.

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