neon background with purple gradient background and three glowing neon triangles.

10 Free Neon Stock Images for A Futuristic Look

From fierce fashion to fonts and photos, neon is all the rage these days. With its futuristic look, one can’t help but be fascinated by the glow it brings to any setting. If you’re ready to hop on the neon image bandwagon, let us show you how to get the glow you’re looking for. Keep scrolling to find 10 free stock images that will help you achieve a futuristic look.

1. Neon Portrait of A Bartender

silhouetted person shakes a drink mixer behind a bar with neon green lights

Make a statement with this cool silhouetted shot, of a bartender making a drink behind a bar with neon green lights, by Lasse Gejl.

2. Glowing Neon Signs in Hong Kong

neon street signs shine at night in Hong Kong

Entice your viewers when you share this photo, of a city scene with neon signs in Hong Kong, by Muzz.

3. Bright Neon Music Sign

angled neon sign that says music in glowing orange letters

Does your venue feature a dj or live musical acts? Show that you’re open for business with this photo, of an angled sign that reads ‘music’ in glowing neon letters, by Brian.

4. Neon Red Fluorescent Tubes

a hand holds two red-colored fluorescent tubes

Neon lights lend themselves to endless designs – tap into your creativity when you use this neon red image, of hands holding two fluorescent tubes, by Free Images Live

5. Neon Blue Computer Mouse

laptop sits next to black mouse with glowing blue strip of light

Work smarter not harder with this image, of a black computer mouse with neon blue lights, by Frhuynh.

6. Glowing Cellphone Keypad

mobile phone keypad with glowing blue neon numbers

If you’re looking for a techy-photo with a neon glow, look no further than this shot of a neon blue mobile phone keypad by Ivan.

7. Nightlife under Neon Lights

four cocktails sit on a table under neon blue and pink lights

Show the neon side of nightlife with this image of cocktails, glowing under neon pink and blue lights, by Frhuynh

8. Neon Restaurant Sign

neon fish and chips sign on Albany street in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Adding something new to the menu? Tell your customers about your restaurant’s fantastic food with this shot of a neon ‘fish & chips’ sign in Dunedin, New Zealand, by Jillian Haldeman.

9.  Tunnel Streaks with Neon Lights

driving through a tunnel with streaks of trailing, red neon lights

Fly full speed into the future with this image, that shows a car barreling down a tunnel with neon light trails, by Merelize.

10. Retro Neon Background

neon background with purple gradient background and three glowing neon triangles.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to neon! Use this retro neon background, designed by Alen, for your quotes, business announcements and everything in between.