silhouette of a man running at dawn, with a blue and orange sky behind him

10 Free Stock Photos to Inspire Your Fitness Journey in 2022

What’s your number one goal for 2022? Are you starting a fitness journey? Do you want to use your expertise in exercise to start a business?

If you’re like millions of Americans and others around the globe, you might be on the brink of a journey to get fit. Or, perhaps, you’re helping others engage in exercise.  Either way, you’ll need high-quality content to post online, in the weeks to come.

If you’re wondering where to find the perfect free stock photos of fitness and exercise in action; look no further! StockVault has images of folks running, doing yoga, lifting weights, cycling, and practicing kickboxing – everything you need to inspire fitness in 2022.

1. Young Lady Running Outdoors

girl running on a trail outdoors in nature while wearing pink and gray shorts and matching sneakers

Is running your thing? Do you love taking your fitness routine to the great outdoors? Download this free stock photo, of a young woman running on a trail, then get geared up to go for a run.

2. Fitness Partners Embracing

a woman with blonde hair smiles at her fitness partner, a male with brown hair and a lime green and black tank top.

Are you looking for a workout buddy? Trying to organize a fitness-focused meet-up with your friends? Download this free stock image, of fitness partners smiling at one another, then rally your crew.

3. Silhouette of a Man Running at Dawn

silhouette of a man running at dawn, with a blue and orange sky behind him

2022 may present opportunities for self-improvement – like waking up to run at dawn. Looking for inspiration to start your fitness journey? Download this free image, of a silhouette of a man running at dawn then go for a run, yourself!

4. Woman Weight Lifting in the Gym

woman lifting weights at the gym

Ready to shed some weight and gain strength? Consider creating a workout plan for yourself or purchasing a membership at your local gym. Need a bit of motivation? Download this free stock image, of a woman weight lifting in the gym, then get to work!

5. Woman Practicing Yoga at Sunrise Over a Rainforest

woman practicing yoga at sunrise over a rainforest

Looking for ways to relax while you build your body’s strength? Try starting a yoga practice of your very own. If you need a bit of inspiration before hitting the mat, look no further than this free image, of a woman practicing yoga at sunrise over a rainforest.

6. Silhouette of a Woman in a Yoga Pose

yoga pose silhouette at sunset

Already a yogi? Perhaps, you teach yoga classes in-person or virtually? Either way, you’ll likely need some yoga-centric content to post on social media – like this free stock photo, of a silhouetted yoga post at sunset.

7. Woman Holding a Surf Board

woman with surfboard at the beach on a cloudy day

Do you like hitting the waves? Considering taking surfing lessons? Download this free photo, of a woman holding a green and white surfboard on the beach; then go grab your board!

8. Man Running Mountainside

man running outside in a desert landscape with a mountain range in view.

Elevate your exercise routine and your content by downloading this image, of a man running in a desert terrain near a mountainside on a sunny day.

9. Woman Training in Kickboxing

woman trains in kickboxing at a gym

Ready to kick it up a notch? Download this free stock photo, of a woman training in kickboxing. Then, look up some local kickboxing classes to give a try.

10. Group of Cyclists

group of cyclists lining up at the starting line of a race

Fitness journeys are always more fun with friends. When is the last time you and your crew worked up a sweat? What types of exercises do you all like to do together? If you’re looking for something new, inspire your friends to try cycling – this free stock photo, of a group of cyclists, might help convince them!