People playing traditional instrument during Chinese New Year 2013 - Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

15 Free Stock Photos for Musicians and Music Lovers

Music is an expressive art form; often inspired by human relationships and the natural world around us. It transcends language or cultural barriers. However, expressing the intricacies of music genres, musicians, and musical instruments; in a visual image, can prove to be difficult. 

So, what do you do when you need an amazing free stock photo of something music-related? You turn to StockVault, of course! And you’re in luck! We’ve curated this list of 15 free stock photos for music lovers just like you.

1. African American Female Guitarist

African American female guitarist smiles while playing instrument and wearing a grey fedora.

Looking for a photo of a female guitarist? Try this free stock photograph of an African American musician, in a grey fedora, strumming her cherry-red guitar.

2. Female Musician Holding an Accordion

female accordion player stands in grassy field holding her instrument

Free stock photos of musicians don’t have to be generic. Think outside the box when you use this stunning shot of a female musician, standing in a grassy meadow wearing a white dress and holding a green and red accordion, under a cloudy sky.

3. Band of Musicians Playing Music in the Streets of Manado, Indonesia

People playing traditional instrument during Chinese New Year 2013 - Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Music brings people together – show that when you post this dynamic photograph, of a band of musicians playing traditional instruments in the streets of Manado, Indonesia.

4. Musician Working at a Music Studio

lone musician stares at dual computer monitors and works with music recording software

Are you a music recording artist? Download this free stock image, of music being recorded at a studio, to talk about your artistic process.

5. Black Electric Guitar on Black Background

electric guitar with black, reflective surface sits against a black background

Need a music-related photo with tons of copyspace? Look no further than this image of sleek, black electric guitar on a black background.

6. Musician with Abstract Makeup and Green Hair Playing Violin

woman with green hair and green make up playing a violin

Need an image that expresses the artistic and, sometimes, abstract aspects of music? Download this free stock photograph of a green-haired woman playing the violin and wearing abstract makeup.

7. Bins of Vinyl Records by Various Musicians

several bins of vinyl records lined up

Do you love traditional music media formats? Collect vinyls? If so, this free stock photo of bins of vinyl records is sure to come in handy.

8. Sound Check

hand adjusts knobs on a sound board to perform a sound check for music recording

Do you manage a music studio? Are you a music producer? Turn up the volume on your projects with this image, of a person performing a soundcheck.

9. Hands Holding Up Heart Sign at a Music Concert

hands hold up the heart sign at a concert, in a crowded music venue

Show your love of rock and roll when you download this image, of folks holding their hands up at a concert.

10. Microphone for Recording Music

music recording microphone in silver and black, against a grey wall.

Whether you’re casting new members for your band or getting ready to announce your EP drop on social media, this free stock image of a music recording microphone can help.

11. Cello Player

cello player moves their hand swiftly to play instrument

If you’re a fan of classical music or, specifically, the cello; you need to download this image of a cello player in action.

12. Sound Mixer

sound mixer under blue-ish toned light.

Ready to mix and master your newest tracks? Download this photograph, of a sound mixer in a music recording studio, right away.

13. Sheet Music and Piano

sheet music sits on a piano, that is slightly out of focus in the background.

When many folks think of music, they think of piano and sheet music. These musical tools are essential to music history, classic in every way, and have been used by musicians the world over. Looking to keep the tradition going? Download this black and white photo of piano keys and sheet music, today.

14. Drummer

female drummer plays the drums and wears a blue jean vest

Move to the beat of your drum – or – simply download this free stock photo of a drummer, the choice is yours.

15.  Bass Player under Blue Lights

Need a jazzy image of a musician in action? This photograph, of a bass player bathed in blue concert lights, is sure to do the trick.