30 Amazing Reflection Photographs

It’s almost time for the New Year, 2013, and around this time of the year, people often reflect on the past year, develop resolutions for the new year, make plans for the future, and celebrate the arrival of another year.

Reflecting on the past year is important, to learn lessons and understand things that happened in the previous year, and to use that information to make the new year even better. This motif can be played with in photography, through the use of reflections.

In this post, I’ve selected 30 amazing reflections in photography to help put you in a reflective mood for the new year.

Reflection By Chris Perez

Should I stay or should I go? By Anja Buehrer

reflection By Anna Pavlova

Reflections By Natalia Pryanishnikova

reflection By bora

Outsider By Gert Lavsen

Reflection By Mohammed Nairooz

Morning Reflections By Scott Smorra

Multicolor reflection

Blue Mount Washington By Kurt Miller

Bicycle Reflection By Viacheslav Baranov/Batarey

Reflection By Isetoo

Swan Lake Ballet By Viacheslav Baranov/Batareyk

Reflection By usagicassidy

Reflection Bank By Linkineos

Anachronism By David Keochkerian

Family Outing II

reflection by hacicavcav

reflection By azimos

Skyscraper By SAIK KIM

Reflection. By tilthefinalsetingsun


251 By neslihans

Reflection By RaindropsOnRoses21

Reflections By Elke Vogelsang

Bokeh Passion By Corrie White

Bowl of Wishes By Corrie White

reflection By mazyono

Loving in reflection By rave250

Bike By Khatawut J