30 Expressive Portrait Photographs

Portrait photography is probably the type of photography each of us is most familiar with. Between school picture days, family photos, and self-photos that are constantly uploaded to Instagram and Facebook, most us take multiple portraits each year (if not each day).

However, portraits should be more than just a picture of someone. It should capture the essence of that person, or their personality, or otherwise contain expressive elements that make the portrait not only a picture of the person, but a representation of something more.

Here’s some expressive portraits that illustrate the concept:


B r y n d í s By Gunnar Gestur

Portraits - Striking the Pose e-Book

abandoned By Cristina Otero

Improvised3 By Vladimir Zotov

Portrait of a Dervish By PortraitOfaLife

The sea inside By Mohammadreza Momeni

Mourning By Mohammadreza Momeni

Arina By Roman Filippov

Portrait By Anka Zhuravleva

portrait By DmitryAgeev

Victoria By Elizabeth Goncharuk

the widower By Piet Flour

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memento By alabama

Portrait By MrPigman

Portrait By Ann Nevreva

Agata By Adam Przeniewski

Portrait By Ebrehnn

i stay in love By Babak Fatholahi

Outlook By Mohammed Alnaser

Portrait By delete

Hobby Sadu By Robert

Time passing through a window By sajad pishdadi

Marina By Kirill Vorontsov

Self portrait By Valeriya Tikhonova

When love and hate collide By hardibudi

Love you, she said By Cath Schneider

Portrait By donell gumiran

Sicily By Stefano Granata

Missing you By Dikky Photogrepe

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