30 Fantastic Artistic Nude Photos

The use of people in photography is one of the most important concepts in photography. Wedding photography, portrait photography and many types of conceptual photography make use of people or the human body to create an artistic concept.

Nudity can also be quite artistic, as the body has natural lines and curves that can be enhanced using creative lighting to achieve stunning effects.

Here’s 30 artistic nude photos as a follow up to our previous post: Fine Art Nude Photography

Elegance naked body by Karen Abramyan

Athena’s on the Qui Vive

How about these apples by questionmarc

Strange Story by Ilya Rashap

Lust female nude by hakanphotography

With Grace by gestiefeltekatze

Zebra Fine Art by Mato Pavlovic

Abendmahl by artofdan

Magic of Water by Vitaliy Sokol

My Favorite Boxing Photo by PerryGallagher

Mirror, Mirror by Hove

Body by BaddogLtd

He’s Being Late, Too Late by Xavi Cardell

Holly by Paul Bartholomew

106 by AmeliaPhotography

Ghost by Thierry .ca

3e6pa by Vadim Lega

Born by Dmitry Laudin

Angel Saved My Life by Stefan Beutler

388 by Imagoo

Colour Lines by Uwe Schmida

eNA by Marek Urbanowski

Warm Wind by Leszek Paradowski

Diana’s Reflexions by Dan Comaniciu

EMu by Ludas

Pure Skin by Ralf Mack

MMII by Anca Cernoschi

Light Story by by Ilya Rashap

Icarus by ABrito

Still by Cristiana Pantea