30 Happy Photographs

Happiness is something we all strive for (well, most of us, in any case), in life, relationships, and our experiences. Happiness is key to overall health and especially mental health, success in work and play, and many other important factors in life.

Achieving happiness, however, is not always so easy. In fact, true happiness seems to be such a rare occurrence that it’s actually coveted and cherished, especially by photographers.

Happiness adds a touch of magic to photographs, as demonstrated in these great snapshots:

BELGRADE’S LOVE By Dragan M. Babovic


Where am I ? By Suradej Chuephanich

Zero Gravity By Allard Schager

Happy Morning By Mohammadreza Momeni

Me and My Friend Bear By Mark Cox

Running with Joy By Landon Troyer

Holi 2013 : A colorful smile By Rahat Amin

Happy eyes By Veli Aydogdu

Soaked but Happy By Jackson Hung

smiles of joy By little-pretty

Happy By akess

Kevin has fun By Allan Wallberg

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE By Magda indigo

Happy people By Adi Hadade

The bright lights By Alex Greenshpun

so happy By Günna Sohn

Happiness By Anton Privalov

happiness By Mushy-Gushy

Happiness By jteh

Happy Laugh By Wahyu B Ismail

Summer joy By Zaneta Frenn

Alegría By Israel de la Rosa

happiness By asit

Happy Faces By Shahadat Hossain

Happiness By chryztoph

Riding the bike By Cristi Jora

happiness By Michal De-porto

My happiness. By FreeStand3r

Never Too Old to Have Fun By Jackson Hung