30 Refreshing Swimming Photographs

The Olympics are coming up shortly, and one of the most prominent sports in the Olympics is swimming. Swimming is a popular recreational sport that provides an excellent workout, as well as helping to keep you cool on warm summer days. Swimming is also an important survival skill, and the ability to swim is seen in many different animals.

Swimming also works great for photographers, because of the motion of the swimmer and the water itself. Of course, the swimmer can sometimes be an animal, which adds another factor to the photography equation.

Here’s 30 refreshing swimming photographs:

Colors on Ice by rafal makiela

sparkling by dmitri laudin

Swimming Tiger by luvsjewels

turtle and shark swimming by david cornejo

swimming by bryn mawr

swimming by themichaelkeenan

swimming by andrey narchuk

Swim Meet by adamcha

swim and sleep by indian rain

rainbow by vitaliy sokol

frozen man by rafal makiela

swimming by masters swimming team virginia

swimming by rafe 747

making the turn by tim tadder

colorful gorontalo by yofi

swim by autumn fawn

swiming duck by macsblack

world class. swimming by vladimir zotov

a meeting by fernando abreu

swimming by beth. spergel

swimming time by emizael

electric swimmer by jeff clow

the dark side by alexander safonov

cave swim by bluetooner

swimming by m00nspeell

guadalupe great white shark by jon cornforth

divers by eric javier

swimming pool by kaitwithcamera

beaver swimming by softflower

swimming grizzly by glenn nagel