30 Sharp Metallic and Metallurgic Photographs

Metals are one of the most important aspects for modern development. Whether it’s technology, building and architecture, chemistry, fireworks or cars, nearly all of modern civilized life relies on the use of metals.

Metals are unique because they frequently have high strength, while others are good electrical conductors, and others are quite shiny and reflective.

Metals and metal objects are a great subject in photography, because they can have vivid and shiny reflections, colorized impurities, and bizarre or strange shapes with an industrial feel. Here’s 30 sharp metallic and metallurgic examples:

Metallic Flow By Brent Smith

the right key to freedom By giuseppe maiorana

Looking Good By Jacob Jovelou

Metallic By xKimJoanne

like a harp’s strings III By Julia Anna Gospodarou

The Big Slide By Aaron Yeoman

Metallic Reflection By Photos of Thailand

Train By Rui Caria

Metallic By Jean-Philippe Meurice

Balance By Eddy Wiriadinata

Metallic Droplets By Ronnie

Rust Never Sleeps By Svein Nordrum

Metallic Objects By Rich Kaszeta

Metallic By katplum

Metallic leather ring By Bonarina Buenos Aires

Metallic fractal By Natalia Macheda

spin-dryer By Antonio Messere

Metallic By Alida van Zaane

Car By Artem Kolyuka

arc-en-ciel By Julia Anna Gospodarou

Metallic Bridge By Matt Haslam

parata di eroi By DanMasa


Metallic sculpture By Tom Wright

Drawers By Mohamed Abd Elkader

Metallic Cobbles By Jackson Carson

Spring By frlec

Steam engine By Ivan Slosar

Abeja metalica/Metallic bee By Javier Torrent

IntO thE MaelstroM By Guillaume Rio