30 Warming Fireplace Photographs

Fireplaces are essential in many homes, as a source of light, warmth, and heat for cooking. Fireplaces have existed in one form or another since man first started building small fires in caves, but nowadays they are generally much safer, attached to chimneys to allow the smoke to escape while providing much needed warmth and comfort.

Fireplaces are more commonly used in cold climates, but they are also a traditional staple of holidays, with many families using them for not only warmth, but also hanging stockings on a mantle above them (allowing Santa to access them easily).

In this post, we’ll look at some warming fireplace photographs:

Fire of the winter in the midnight By Mohammed Kamal Albagshi

Alice in Wonderland By Fabrizio Micheli

Decorated dining table in luxurious place By Bombaert Patrick

Kosmo is Fascinated by the fireplace By Stephen Robinson

Toasty By Larry White Jr

Logs in Fireplace By Stephen Robinson

Dyffryn House Fireplace By Trevor Owen

Hacienda CusÌn By B H

Fireplace By Antti Ala Konni

taste of majesty By Stefan Baumann

Oceanside Campfire By James Wheeler

Through the fire and flames By Yuri Kun

A nice night for a fire By David Lambert

In Flames By Eric Witt

Smooth Dynamic Range By James Direen

Back When By John Oliver

Fire & smoke By Carmelo Ruiz

The Weight of Winter By Brenda4724

Two Flames By Ralf Stelander

The Hearth By Andy Kirby

Door to hell By Asen Neykov

“lord¥s living room” By Thomas Windisch

Flames.. By Georgi Marchev

The Sitting Room By Steve Clancy

Relax… By Brenda4724

Cooking in Goa .. By Ryan Lemos

Three Seater By Mizfirestormue

Armchairs and fireplace on hotel deck By Gable Denims

Luxury hotel bedroom By Gable Denims

Iberian tapa for brunch By Aitor MuÒoz MuÒoz