7 Great Online Resources to Learn Photography

7 Great Online Resources to Learn Photography

There is something about looking at the world through the photography lens. All the colors seem brighter, landscapes look more mesmerizing, and you start noticing beautiful things all around you. If you understand that feeling, you should work on your skills until the end-result takes your breath away.
What is great about the inexhaustible source of information we call the Internet is that it has the power to turn you into a real professional photographer. Combine the right photography resources and your talent and no one will be able to stop you. If you are ready for some photography lessons, here is a list of the best and most helpful online resources which will help you to learn photography.

1. Udemy


There is a big chance that you have already heard about this amazing educational platform. It has limitless options for various subjects, one of them being photography.
Udemy is a place where professionals share their knowledge by creating and sharing valuable courses.
If you want to narrow down the type of courses you are interested in, just choose some of the listed categories such as Color Grading, Portrait Photography, iPhone Photography, Image Editing, and many more. Besides that, you can also filter the results based on the length of class, level, and rating.
They offer both paid and free courses so it is up to you whether you are ready to invest some money or you want to start with free options first.

2. Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School - Learn Photography

This platform is considered to be one of the best ones out there. It is free, which is a big plus.
The site offers articles with amazing tips and useful advice on how to improve your photography skills. In addition to great articles, there are also some books and forums.
Either search directly a specific question or topic that interests you or browse through the website until something catches your eye.
In their in-depth posts, you can find everything from shooting tutorials over camera and equipment to post production. If you subscribe to their newsletters you can receive timely updates with bonus tips which are not on the website.

3. Stanford University Photography Lectures

Stanford University Photography Lectures - Learn Photography

Have you always wanted to take a real university course in photography but you have never had an opportunity to realize that? Well, it is time that your dream comes true.
Youtube is giving you a chance to watch recorded courses by Marc Levoy. He is a computer graphics researcher and professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. As if that wasn’t enough, he is also a distinguished engineer at Google.
Turn on the playlist consisted of 18 videos or classes and learn lots about digital photography.
These lessons are even better than attending the class because you can pause the videos at any time and take notes. In the end, you can even use an online writing service such as Studicus.com to turn your notes into a comprehensible booklet which you can use as a reminder.

4. PhotographyCourse.net

PhotographyCourse.net - Learn Photography

The name pretty much explains what this website is all about. It offers courses for photographers in each stadium. Whether you want to start from the beginning or polish your skills you can find it all here.
For the beginners, there is a beginner photography course which will teach you in detail all you need to know at the very beginning. All the courses are free so there is no worry about that. They use illustrations and multimedia content to make all the steps easy to grasp.

5. Geoff Lawrence

Geoff Lawrence

One is certain about this website – it is the most organized site you will probably come across.
Eight different sections allow you to specify the aspect of photography you are interested in and work on that skill. Here are the choices:

  • Choosing camera equipment
  • The basics of photography
  • Photo composition
  • Exposure in the camera
  • Lighting for photography
  • Getting the color right
  • Tips for photographing different subjects
  • Editing your photos in Photoshop

Any type of photographer can find something interesting and new to learn about.
All the posts are well-written and offer solutions to different types of inquiries and problems.

6. Fstoppers


With around 1 million visitors every month, Fstoppers is one of the most popular photography sites.
As a future professional, you must at least take a look at this informative and entertaining website.
What attracts so many photography-lovers to this page is their huge collection of articles. They are interesting and easy to understand so you won’t have any problem with absorbing the important information.
Fstoppers covers everything from different photography methods, lighting, behind the scenes, important industry news, and so much more.

7. The Photo Argus

The Photo Argus

Whenever you need some motivation for awakening the artist within you, take a look at this blog.
The Photo Argus is more than just a blog with informative posts. It takes you through amazing work examples of inspiring photographers.
Who knows, maybe you’ll come across an amazing photographer who will inspire you to thrive even more.
In addition, you can find tips and tricks on photography and learn new techniques. Combine their resources with inspiration archives and you’ll be all set.

Over to you

With these websites, blogs, and online courses you will be in the right direction to become a real photographer. Depending on what you want to work on, choose a course or a blog that suits your needs.
Arm yourself with the right information, then add tons of motivation, and watch how your photography talent shines through.