a boy swims in a pink lake with rippling water

2022 Color Trends: 20 Free Stock Photos with Pink, Peach, & Coral Tones

According to color trend reports, pink, peach, and coral tones will be all the rage in 2022! So, if you’re looking for ways to make a design or presentation stand out; we recommend adding a splash of pink.  

If you don’t know where to start or you’re tired of typical free stock images, we have something special in store for you. In this post, you’ll find a curated collection of 20 powerfully pink, peach, and coral-toned photographs for your projects – all available for download, today! 

1. A Swim in a Pink Lake

a boy swims in a pink lake with rippling water

Dive into the 2022 color trends with this pink-toned photograph of a boy swimming in a lake, by Maryrose Roque.

2. Pink Autumn

autumnal forest scene with old logging railroad tracks and pink foliage

Walk down a pink path with this photo, of an autumnal forest scene littered with peachy-pink foliage, by Nicolas Raymond.

3. Abstract Pink Background

background with abstract wave pattern in soft pink

If you need an abstract image that can be used endlessly, look no further than this soft pink wave pattern by Patchakorn Phom-In.

4. Coral Peony Flower with Gold Center

close up photograph of a peachy-coral-pink peony flower with gold center

Bask in the peachy-pink hues of this photograph, of a coral peony flower with a golden center, by Lindy Thibodaux.

5. Pink Euphorbia Flowers

close up image of splotchy pink euphorbia flowers surrounded by green leaves

Embrace the beauty of nature with this shot of pink-colored euphorbia flowers by Jochanan Wahjudi.

6, Pink Smoke

plumes of reddish smoke set against a soft pink background

Need a smokey shot? Download this image, of pink smoke rising, by 2Happy.

7. Girl Blowing Pink Powder from Her Hands

image of a young girl with long hair blowing pink powder from her cupped hands

Give your projects a pop of color with this shot, of a girl blowing pink powder from her hands, by Navjot Singh Sidhu.

8. French Macaroons on Dark Pink Background

photograph of two light pink French macaroons sitting on a dark pink surface

Need a sweet, pink shot with lots of copy space? Download this photograph, of two light pink French macaroons on a dark pink background, by Merelize.

9. Pink Flamingo

 portrait of a pink flamingo sleeping

Flamingos are the quintessential pink creature. Need a shot of an animal with pinkish hues? Try this portrait of a sleeping flamingo by Geoffrey Whiteway.

10. Pink Giraffe Toy

 macro photo of a wooden toy giraffe with a pink face

If you need a fun image that has a splash of pink and plenty of copy space, try this photograph of a pink toy giraffe by Tomas Mordo

11. Peach and Pink-Colored Cake

photograph of a pink and peach-colored cake with rose pattern icing design

Need a delicious shot of a decadent treat? Download this photograph, of a pink and peach-colored cake with rose pattern icing and edible pearls, by Val Lawless.

12. Pink Sky with Birds

silhouette of a flock of birds flying through a pink and purple gradient sky

If you’re passionate about the color pink, you’ll love this alluring shot of birds flying through a pink, peach, and lilac sky.

13. Lady in Light Pink Dress and Heels

woman sits on a bed in a pink dress and fuzzy pink heels next to a pink telephone

Show off your style with this shot of a lady dressed in a pink dress with matching fuzzy pink heels.

14. Stack of 3 Pink and Peach-Colored French Macaroons

three pink and peach macaroons are stacked on top of one another and sitting against a dark pink background

Indulge in this delicious shot, of three macaroons in pink and peach colors, by Merelize.

15. Pink Sunrise

An early morning sunrise at the beach in Grimsby, Ontario

Set your eyes on this pretty pink sunrise shot, taken at the beach in Grimsby, Ontario, by Sarah Hauck.

16. Pale Pink Candy

upclose photograph of a pile of white and light pink candies

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this photograph, which shows an abundance of pink candies, by Merelize.

17. Pink Japanese Cherry Blossom Flowers

pink and white cherry blossom flowers on a branch set against a blue sky

Working on a project about Japanese culture? Use this photograph of pink-hued cherry blossoms flowers, or sakura, which are symbolic of spring, renewal, and the fleeting nature of life.

18. Pink Perfume

 photograph of pink liquid inside of a glass perfume bottle with golden spray top

Who says pink isn’t a sophisticated color? Prove naysayers wrong with this shot of pink perfume by 2Happy.

19. Pink Lemonade and Flowers on a Tray

 pink flowers and pink lemonade sit on a tray outdoors surrounded by a grassy field

Need a spring or summery image with just the right amount of pink? Download this deliciously-pink photograph, of pink flowers and pink lemonade sitting on a tray outdoors, today!

20 Raspberry Pink HDR Photo of Romanesco Broccoli

Macro photograph of romanesco broccoli with shallow depth of field.

Show your passion for the color pink with this boldly surreal HDR image, of romanesco broccoli processed with pink hues, by Nicolas Raymond.

Want to learn more about the year’s most trending colors? Check out this report on 2022 Color Trends.