texture of an amethyst stone

2022 Color Trends: 20 Free Stock Photos with Violet, Purple & Lavender Tones

Have you been keeping up with the trends?

2022 Color trends reveal that this year will be bursting with violet, purple, and lavender tones! So, expect to see a vibrant color, that some experts refer to as velvet violet, showing up everywhere.

Ready to add a pop of color to your projects with the year’s most trending colors? Then, download these 20 free stock photos with violet, purple, and lavender tones, today!

1. Violet Campanula Flower

close up of blue-purple violet campanula flower

Dive into blueish-purple hues with this image of a campanula flower or ‘violet teacup’ by Ivan Shidlovski.

2. Purple-Colored Cabbage

close up photograph of a red cabbage or cavolo rosso texture with purple tones

If you’re looking for a purple maze-like texture, download this photograph, of a purple-hued red cabbage,  by Paolo Contaldo.

3. Lavender Flowers

image of lavender flowers

Need to add a touch of lavender to your project? Try this shot of lavender flowers by Paul Clifton.

4. Purple Smoke

plume of smoke rising on a dark purple background

Looking for a smoky shot with deep purple tones? Look no further than this image of purple smoke by 2Happy.

5. Purple Pepino Melon

two fresh pepino melons with one cut revealing the inside flesh

Aubergines aren’t the only purple produce. Download something different like this image, of a fresh Pepino melon, by Aka Maraqu.

6. Amethyst Stone

texture of an amethyst stone

Leave your audience awe-inspired when you post this close-up image of an amethyst stone with its purple hues and jagged edges.

7. Purple Icing Texture

macro photograph of icing texture

Layer on the perfect amount of purple when you download this macro image, of a purple cake icing texture, by Nicolas Raymond.

8. Purple Sunset Over the Ocean

photograph of a sunset over the ocean with pink and purple hues

Need an amazing shot of a sunset? Download this powerful photograph, of a purple-ish pink sunset over the ocean, by Jack Moreh

9. Abstract Violet Bokeh

 abstract image of violet-colored bokeh lights against a black background.

Let your creativity run wild with this free abstract stock image, of violet bokeh lights, by Bjorgvin.

10. Woman in Violet Dress

young lady leaning on a wall in a building while wearing a shiny, long-sleeved violet-colored dress

Lean into this color trend of the year when you download this image, of a young woman in a violet-colored dress leaning against a blue and white wall, by Mircea Iancu.

11. Violet Liverwort Flowers

close up photo of liverwort flowers with violet petals

Need an image of flowers with tons of copy space? Try this stunning macro photo, of violet liverwort flowers, by Mircea Iancu.

12. Violet Velvet Fabric

If you’re looking for a background with rich color, look no further than this violet-colored velvet fabric texture, by  Val Lawless.

13. Center of a Purple Rose

image of the center of a purple rose

Not all roses are red. If you’re looking for a rose in a different color, consider this shot, of the center of a purple rose, by Anthony Poynton.

14. Lavender, Pink, and Purple Sunset Over Water

Lavender, purple and pink-toned sunset over a pier and body of water

Relax into the serene color palette of this free stock image, of a sunset over a pier with lavender and pink hues, by Julia Koehler.

15. White and Violet Crocus Flower

white and violet crocus flower blooming in early spring

Looking for a photo of a unique flower? Download this free image, of a violet and white crocus flower with an orange center, by Gaimard Jacques.

16. Lavender Field

vertical image of rows in a lavender field with shrubs and farmland in the distance

Bask in the beauty of lush lavender fields when you download this free stock photograph.

17. Red Farmhouse with Purple Sky

Show a surreal shot of the historic Spangler House area of Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania when you post this image, of a rural scene with a vibrant red farmhouse and purple cloudy sky, by Nicolas Raymond.

18. Child Peeking Behind Purple and Brown Curtains

child holding purple and brown curtain over their face, with one eye and one arm peeking out.

Need just a pop of purple? Try this image, of an adorable toddler playing with a brown and purple curtain, by Kumar Pal Jain.

19. Purple Daisies

field of purple-petaled daisies

Add subtle color to any project with this photograph, of a field of daisies with light purple petals, by Debbie White.

20. Lavender Fabric Texture

upclose image of lavender fabric texture with folds

Fall in love with lavender when you download this image, of a fabric texture with deep folds, by Val Lawless.

Want to learn more about the year’s most trending colors? Check out this report on 2022 Color Trends.