vector illustration concept with pink background, heart-shaped hot air balloon and clouds

I Love You – Illustrated in 14 Free Stock Vectors

Love is not exclusive to Valentine’s Day. It is always in the air. And, as families expand, friends grow closer and relationships form; love continues to grow. But, how do you visualize love?

If you’ve been searching for a vector illustration about love, romance, or other heart-centered topics,  look no further! StockVault has the content you need.  In this post, we’re sharing 14 love-centered vector illustrations. Download them all, for free!

1. Polygonal Heart

illustration of floating, red polygonal heart on a black background

The hearts have it – the polygonal hearts that is!  Ready to share yours with someone? Download this free stock illustration, of a red polygonal heart against a black background, by Helen.

2. Heart-Shaped Hot Air Balloon Illustration

vector illustration concept with pink background, heart-shaped hot air balloon and clouds

Has the love of your life swept you off your feet? Ready to propose or announce your engagement? If you’re looking to express love, this pink illustration by Jack Moreh is perfect for you.

3. Writing About Romance Illustration

illustration of a young woman sitting cross-legged and thinking about love

Are you writing about romance for your latest blog post? Download this free stock illustration, of a woman sitting cross-legged and contemplating love, by Mohamed Hassan right now.

4. A Big Red Heart Made Up of Smaller Hearts

illustration of a heart made up of hearts

Ready to give your heart away? Before you do, download this free stock illustration, of a big red heart by Stuart Miles.

5. I Love You Vector Illustration

vector graphic that says I heart you in a similar style to the iconic I heart NY logo

I love you is a phrase exchanged by family members, romantic partners, and friends alike. Need a graphic that expresses a loving sentiment? Download this black, white, and red vector by Merelize.

6. I Love You in the Sand

vector illustration showing an aerial view of a beach with the tide coming in and I love you written in the sand

Looking for a vector illustration with a loving message, to send the beach-lover in your life?  You’re in luck! You can download this image by Stuart Miles, for free.

7. Watercolor Heart Icon

water color red heart icon

Need an icon that symbolizes love for your design project? Download this watercolor heart icon, by Merelize, and use it for a myriad of projects.

8. Happy Couple Illustration

Need a free stock image to represent a healthy relationship? You’re in luck! This illustration by Mohammed Hassan shows a happy couple holding a big red heart.

9. Key to Your Heart Vector

an illustration that shows a key unlocking a heart

What does it mean to have the key to someone’s heart? Whether you’re writing about this topic or you want to express your feelings for someone; you may be searching for a free vector. If so, download this illustration by Mohammed Hassan.

10. Woman Holding Heart

illustration of a woman with blonde hair holding a heart

11. Red Heart Sticker Graphic

red heart sticker with smaller heart sticker below that says with love

Do you need an illustration that expresses a loving sentiment?  Design any project, with love, when you download this red heart stick graphic illustration by Merelize.

12. 3D Red Heart Graphic

3D graphic of a red heart with a speech bubble that says yes

Don’t be afraid to express yourself to your loved ones.  Need a bit of help? Download this free illustration by Katrena Patterson, to let them know that your heart says yes.

13. Heart Flip Vector Icon

red heart flip vector icon on pink background

Does someone have your heart skipping a beat? Let them know by sharing this vector icon of a red heart, by Pixloger.

14. Vintage Potion Photo-Illustration

photomanipulation of vintage perfume bottle with vintage paper texture and floral vector illustrations

Looking for a vintage-style vector? Look no further than this free stock image of a love potion by Nicolas Raymond.