Inspiring Photographer – Drew Hopper

Drew Nelson Hopper is a 20 year old digital landscape photographer from Australia who describes himself as a landscape photographer with a surreal twist. Having an interest in nature ever since his childhood travels around Australia, Drew strives to share some of the beauty of nature. “In essence, photography has enabled me to show people nature the way I experience it.”

In this post, we’ve got some of Drew’s amazing landscape photographs that showcase his talent and passion for photography. If you want to see more of Drew’s works, check out his deviantART portfolio.

Please note that Drew’s works are not stock images and are ©copyright Drew Hopper. You may not use, replicate, manipulate, or modify without permission. If you are looking for free stock photos, check out our free photo gallery.

Natural Arch Springbrook

Receeding Sweep

Final Kiss of Light


Time Travel

Acid Trip

Welcome to the Never

Serenity Bay

Gold Coast


Day Dream

Stepping Stones


Dangar by Dusk

Timeless Journey

A New Beginning

Spring Fresh

The Enchanted Forest

Ocean Critters

One Tree Hill