Water is essential to live, and holds tremendous importance and meaning in a variety of facets of life, including refreshment, hydration, cooling, life and more. The presence of water is currently assumed to be one of the essential elements to make a planet habitable.

Water comes in many forms, such as rain, waterfalls, oceans, rivers, and lakes. Each source has a different quality of water, such as saltwater or freshwater, teeming with life or surprisingly sterile.

Here’s some new and refreshing photos involving water that will have you appreciating water for all it provides.

Flowing by Bornsteinn Ingibergsson

Blue Pond by Kent Shiraishi

Serenity by Tyler Holbein

Thor’s Majesty by Majeed Badizadegan

Early in the Morning by Raymo

Croatian Beauty by Ivan Prebeg

Chaos in the Water by d-choonga

Hope by Lev Tsimring

Rains, It Pours by Ferdinando Valverde

Beam Me Up by AtomicZen