Refreshingly Beautiful Lake Photographs

Lakes are an attraction for life. In many places, they are the only ready source of fresh water suitable for drinking and bathing, and tend to attract both animal life and human settlements. Even in otherwise desolate or hostile regions, lakes offer a bastion of life unrivaled by anything else on Earth save perhaps rivers.

Lakes offer some distinct advantages for life, such as their size which can support significantly more aquatic life and larger surrounding areas, and their general lack of swift motion that can make rivers more treacherous.

Lakes are great for photographers, because they can offer a serene contrast to the surrounding environment, and the wide surface area of the water can create beautiful and refreshing reflections and scenes.

Cream Cake By Noam Mymon

Japanese Tranquility By Natasha Pnini

Road to no Regret By Philippe Sainte-Laudy

Fresh Start By Doug Roane

Lake & Light By Arnov Setyanto

autumn idyll By jimbi

Leigh Lake Reflections By Chip Phillips

Distant World By Nagesh Mahadev

Awakening By Brin

Scotland By adamski

Morning reflections By Peter Zajfrid

Dreams before the dawn By Alexey Kharitonov

Moraine Lake By Dominic Walter

Bench with a view By Aleš Komovec

Flamingoes By Hani Latif Zaloum

Moraine Lake by porbital

Lake 1 By FrancescaDelfino

A lake By Nejdet Duzen

Lake Mystic By Tad Cholinski

The Lake By Mel Brackstone

Gone with the wind By Ahmet Utgan

Superve View By Takanobu Nushi

Tranquil lake By AtomicZen : )

Tiermas (Spain) By martin zalba

Guardians of the lake By Iván Maigua

Cloud Fire By alan howe

Vibrant sunset By Dag Ole Nordhaug

Frozen Tears Of Fire By Darren J Bennett

Addio Monti By Simone Pomata

Morning Sky By James Khoo