The Diverse Beauty of Coral Reef Photography

Coral reefs are a veritable Eden, with wide varieties of life that aren’t seen elsewhere on the planet. With the slow changes of Earth’s climate, many areas of reefs are being eliminated, so humans are building artificial reefs using sunken ships and other objects.

If you get a chance to go diving or snorkeling near a coral reef, be sure to bring a waterproof camera, so that you can capture some of the unseen beauty.

The Master of the Reef by Csaba Tokolyi

And the Sky Above Me by Jon Ellis

The Absent Spectrum by Jim Patterson

The Contrast of Beauty by Lea

Reef Turtle by Michael Gerber

Brain Coral by Jeffrey Scott

Sea Level 2 by Ammar

Spikey Anemone by Michelle Kelley

More Reef Life by Dancing Fish

Threaded Soft Coral by Andrey Nekrasov