Useful HDR Tutorials with Spectacular Results

It seems clear that HDR photography is here to stay in the world of photographic techniques. While it initially received a lot of criticism, particularly due to overprocessed images, most photographers are now implementing at least some of the HDR techniques into their photographs.

HDR, or high dynamic range photography, uses blended exposures to bring a wider range of exposures into a photograph than were originally in the picture.

Whether used a little, or a lot, HDR can lead to spectacular results, and here are some tutorials that show how:

Get Started With HDR Photography

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HDR Tutorial – HDR How To Guide by Alik Griffin

Trey Ratcliffe’s HDR Tutorial

Colin’s HDR Photography Tutorial

Creating an HDR-like Image From a Single RAW File in Lightroom by Post Production Pye

HDR Tutorial Using Photomatix and Photoshop

HDR Interior Photography Tutorial

HDR Photography Tutorial by Nasim Mansurov

Photography Tutorial by Elia Locardi

HDR Tutorial – How to create HDR photos by Miroslav Petraskoi

HDR Tutorial